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TracLux- Surgical Lighting for Hard to Reach surgical sites


TracLux® is a new, patented light carrier technology that delivers brighter and more concentrated pure white light to difficult to illuminate operative fields. TracLux® Technology outperforms competitive products both in light output and convenience. 


This highly versatile and modular system, available on diverse platforms and configurations, works with most light sources. Our light carriers simply plug-and-play into our TracLux®-optimized  fiber optic cables and are ready to use right away.  TracLux® products can be customized to suit your specific needs or requirements. 

What is TracLux Light Carrier Technology?


Versatile hand-held illuminated retractor with interchangeable blades, and light carriers that cover a wide range of surgical procedures.

HandLite for Hard to Reach Surgical Sites
LiteClip to light your existing retractor systems


Super lightweight, pre-assembled, single use sterile,and, easy to attach to any blade.  


Low profile light carrier provides an unobstructed view with bright, even illumination of the surgical site. Ideal for spine procedures.

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New project capabilities


Finally, a fixed-frame interchangeable blade solution that securely puts light where it’s needed.

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