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Lighting Solutions

Sunoptic OEM

Fiber optics and lighting solutions for medicine and industry 

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Engineered Lighting Solutions

Our ability to support the needs of OEM and private label clients, and our commitment to meet or exceed their technical, logistical, product and regulatory requirements is why many respected manufacturers look to us for unique engineering solutions in the design, prototyping and manufacturing of illumination products.


Get a Grip



Versatile products to expand your current surgical lighting portfolio. TracLux Technology illuminates difficult to reach areas. These products put intense pure white light into body cavities that overheads and headlights can't reach. Explore the extensive product line and see how Sunoptic OEM can help your company increase its bottom line.


Light Traffic Ahead.

We make fiber optic cables for medicine, industry and the life sciences. Our cables are built to last and use propietary manufacturing processes like our HexaFuse glass fusion technology that fuses the ends of our cable fibers into nature's most efficient geometric shape- the hexagon. Sunoptic OEM fiber optics are used throughout the world to illuminate surgical sites, to count and detect items in industrial applications, and in medical research and diagnostics.

Special Fusing Process to protect Fiberoptic cable and maximize light output

Outsource Your Light source.

Xenon Solutions

Our 300 watt Xenon consoles and drop-in ready Xenon lamp modules are ideal solutions for your high powered surgical lighting needs.

LED Solutions

Our 50 and 100 watt lightsources and LED light engines provide long lasting reliability and consistency.

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Light. Your Way.

Powerful, lightweight, and reliable LED  solutions with fingertip controls offer unmatched freedom and light output.

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Start Your Engines
(and Lamps)

LED equals no more lamps
Xenon is the brightest, whitest light available to humans

LED light engines and replacement Xenon lamps and lamp modules.

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