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Sunoptic OEM Technologies provides a wide range of high quality products and accessories designed for performance and durability. You'd be amazed at the number of  companies that incorporate our products in their offerings. We design, develop, and manufacture premium illumination products that include headlights, light sources, fiber optic cables, single use products and numerous accessories. We are one of only three companies in the world that designs and manufactures its own Xenon lamps and lamp modules. Made in the USA.

Medical Applications
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TracLux - For hard to reach surgical sites

Brilliant new ways to light the surgical site

TracLux® is a new, patented light carrier technology that delivers brighter and more concentrated pure white light to difficult to illuminate operative fields. TracLux® Technology outperforms competitive products in light output, cost and ease-of-use. 


This highly versatile and modular system, available on diverse platforms and configurations, works with most light sources. Our light carriers simply plug-and-play into our TracLux®-optimized  fiber optic cables and are ready to use right away.  TracLux® products can be customized to suit your specific needs or requirements. 

Light. Your Way.

Our comprehensive selection of headlights includes battery powered LED models as well as teathered fiber optic models designed to use either LED or Xenon lightsources. 

OEM Portable LED Headlight ALL In ONE

Outsource Your Light Sources

We offer a variety of OEM choices including our ultra-reliable, lightweight and dependable LED systems, and 300 watt Xenon powerhouse units.

Private label / OEM your LED Light Sources

The Photon Super Highway

Not all fiber optic cables are the same. We use the finest Schott glass to produce the proprietary glass fibers that go into our cables. We produce a variety of different types including temperature resistant ones designed for high output Xenon light sources. Our unique HEXAFUSE process ensures that our cables that will not burn, melt or smoke when exposed to high intensity Xenon lamps and LED light engines. HEXAFUSE technology literally fuses the thousands of individual fibers at the tip of the cable into nature's most efficient shape- the hexagon- so that no light is lost due to the use of epoxy resins. 

Our proprietary PARYLENE coating process minimizes attraction of dust particles to our cables by adding a thin micron layer over the silicone creating a truly conformal barrier layer. This helps preserve the integrity of the sterile field.

Best Fiberoptic Cables with patented fusing Made in the USA
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Xenon lamp is the brightest, whitest lamp available

Lamp Modules

We are only one of three companies in the world that designs and manufactures its own Xenon lamp modules. We offer 300 watt drop-in  modules and replacement lamps.

LED Module StripAngle2.jpg
OEM Your LED Lighting

Light Engines

Designed for endoscopic usage, the LED Light Engine is the heart of the Sunoptics line of LED lightsources and unique to Sunoptics design. Our LED Light Engines are available in three base models: LE-2000, LE-3000, and LE-4500, offering you multiple levels of light output and control, when combined with supplemental option packages. All light engines are available in single-port or four-port turret configuration (ACMI, Wolf, Storz, Olympus).

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