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Fiber Optic Cables

Sunoptic Technologies fiber optic cables are manufactured to a high standard of quality, performance, and reliability. They are precisely manufactured in-house with medical grade materials and a quality management system that complies with FDA regulations, and ISO 13485 certification. New to our extensive line of Endoscopic cables is Sunoptic Technologies Ultra Grip handle, a patented ergonomic design feature that provides added strain-relief, plus durability, and ease of cable removal from the lightsource. The finest in Fiber optics.

Our cables are designed to deliver the maximum light output and performance by incorporating our patented HEXAFUSE process that fuses the fiber bundle at the proximal end. This results in an increase in light transmission and eliminates the epoxy from burning when used with HOT lightsources. We offer a variety of standard colored silicone sheathing (custom colors available upon request). All standard medical endfittings are available for the distal and proximal ends. A vapor deposition coating is also available to coat the silicone giving it a slick feel and making it easier to clean.

Sunoptic OEM fiberoptic cables undergo the innovative Hexafuse process, ensuring superior performance and durability through

Endoscopy and
Microscope Cables

Sunoptic Technologies fiber optic cables are designed to deliver maximum light when coupled to a medical grade fiberoptic lightsource. They are compatible with virtually all endoscopes, medical instruments, and microscopes.The cables can be manufactured with bundle diameters ranging from 3.0 mm to 5.0 mm to match the bundle of the instrument being used to provide optimal lighting.

Microscope Cables 1.jpg
UV IR cablesRight.jpg

Life Sciences

Sunoptic OEM is the source for specialized fiber optic materials, and design and application expertise. We manufacture highly specialized fiber optic products designed to optimize transmission efficiency at any frequency from UV to IR in plastic, glass or high purity quartz fibers.

Sunoptic OEM fiberoptic cables undergo an 'IR' process, utilizing infrared technology for enhanced durability and optimal per
Sunoptic OEM fiberoptic cables feature a UV process, enhancing their resilience and longevity through ultraviolet treatment f


Download the spec sheets for more information on our extensive line of industrial fiber optic applications

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